Our History

Our History

For generations, our family has devoted itself to people´s sight. In 1898, Dr. Graue Glennie, our great-grandfather, opened his first ophthalmology clinic in downtown Mexico City.

Our grandfather–Dr. Graue Díaz-González–followed in his footsteps by opening his office in the street of Oaxaca, Colonia Roma. After, our father, uncle, brother, and cousins took on the same profession. Throughout 124 years, Graue ophthalmologists have looked after the eyes of thousands of Mexicans.

In 2010 we opened Escópica, Casa de Visión: an optical shop in Colonia Roma that hosts the best glasses brands in the world. For many years, we examined the production and detail quality of the frames; we carefully listened to the experience of our customers and friends; we found out what they were looking for in glasses and what they liked; what was unnecessary or uncomfortable; which details they appreciated; which colors, shapes, materials, and technology they looked for in the product. That is how we learned about the value and weight of a good pair of glasses: they become a legacy, history.

Eight years after–with all of this experience, tests, drafts, and research, we created Gramo: our very own brand of glasses; the first one to be designed in Mexico and produced in Japan. A Mexican brand that reflects the dedication and commitment that our ancestors had with vision and does justice to a family legacy that fills us with pride. This is also a brand that celebrates the Japanese tradition of perfect manufacture.

The name was chosen for two reasons. On the one hand, gramo is the acronym of our surnames: Graue & Moreno; on the other hand, it references one of the essential features of frames: their weight. Glasses; weight defines their essence. Light, heavy, discreet or conspicuous, a frame reflects the personality of its carrier.